Will you really be exercising on your vacation? – Estes Park Trail-Gazette

Considering I’m on vacation this week and it’s a great time for many of us to try to warm up. I thought I would discuss some travel tips regarding your exercise regimen and vacation. This seems to be the time of year when people stop exercising, especially after returning from a 10-day to two-week vacation.

While I was getting my degrees in Exercise Science and Health Education from the University of Florida, I was involved in some research studies that looked at “reduced training” protocols. This research produced some very interesting information. Valuable information for those of us who travel.

They started the research with a number of subjects who trained three times a week. This is the recommended number of strength training sessions for an average person. After eight weeks of training, they took some steps, then they reduced their strength training days to two days a week, maintaining the same intensity levels. After eight weeks, they took action again, then reduced strength training to one day a week, maintaining the same intensity levels. Finally, they reduced strength training days to one day every two weeks, maintaining the intensity levels prescribed in the study. Measurements were collected throughout the research project.

The results indicated that strength (and everything that comes with it) can be maintained with just one workout per week. Since the intensity level of this workout remains challenging. This is good news, especially for those of you who will travel and/or travel a lot.

What does this mean for you on your vacation? Try to do a good weight training session for each week that you are not there. Yes, that means a session that closely matches what you regularly do at home. If you can do this, you won’t lose what you’ve worked so hard to achieve so far.

A one-day strength training workout will help keep you from losing those strength and endurance levels, but know that it doesn’t mean you’ll be able to avoid those extra pounds over the holidays. One exercise session per week burns enough calories for that particular day, but it doesn’t count for the rest of this incentive holiday. You will probably eat more, lounge more, drink more (alcohol, soft drinks, etc.), drink less (water), stay up later, eat more! You see what I mean ? One workout per week may not do what you need under these conditions.

Advice. Keep up your activity and/or exercise daily and still try to get a good workout at some point during the week. There’s no better place to walk or jog than on the beach or around the ship or around a new vacation town. What a great way to explore your chosen vacation spot than by walking or cycling. Take advantage of excursions that include some activities. Dance at night. Swim during the day. Take the stairs when you can. If you were to stay active with some form of exercise every day, you could avoid those extra pounds while on vacation.

I understand that this is not an exact workout that is what you do on a regular basis, but rather a daily calorie burning activity that will not only keep you fit, but help you keep those pounds off. vacation, it adds variety to your training (even if only temporarily) and it will keep your energy levels up. Not to mention giving you a whole new insight into your holiday destination.

You can always do calisthenics if a training place is not available for you. Yes, activities like crunches, squats, stair steps, push-ups, chair dips, leg raises, lower back extensions, therapy exercises, and stretches are great alternatives during vacations. You can do some of these simple exercises while you’re away and they’ll help you maintain your strength level.

Most importantly, enjoy your vacation wherever it takes you and try to stay active while you’re there, you’ll be glad you did. Also, don’t forget to wear sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat, three of the most important vices when traveling. Have a nice holiday!