Top 10 Amazing Open-Source Deep Learning Projects You Should Know About

by Apoorva Bellapu

April 23, 2022

With deep learning in place, we can achieve this goal in the easiest way possible.

Advances in technology have brought us to a stage where a machine can be activated to mimic human behavior. With deep learning in place, we can achieve this goal in the easiest way possible. Deep learning has many applications in almost every industry you can think of. That being said, let’s take a look at the top 10 open source deep learning projects you should know about.

Real-time voice cloning

How about an open source deep learning project that takes 5 seconds of someone’s voice and clones it? Interesting, right? This project allows you to make voice commands using someone else’s voice. Although this project is still in its early stages of deployment, we can expect it to become operational soon.

lung cancer detector

No wonder, cancer is one of the most frightening diseases. Lung cancer is a bit difficult and complex type to identify and therefore either the cancer is diagnosed too late or it is not recognized at all. However, thanks to deep learning, doctors can now analyze lung CT scans more efficiently. It further helps to take the necessary measures before the situation escalates to the extent that nothing can be done.


This is an interesting deep learning project introduced by Facebook. This project is designed to be scalable to support agile implementation and evaluation of new research. Well, there is no denying the fact that this project is one of a kind.

face swap

A term that has been around for a while now is – “deepfakes”. With deepfake technology, one can imitate the work and features of real human faces. Overall, this open-source deep learning project lets you copy someone’s face and put it on someone else’s face.

Picture Painting

This is a unique deep learning project that helps predict the visual content of an image outside of its boundaries. The project is so unique that it managed to attract eyeballs from all over the world in no time.


Waveglow is another interesting deep learning project aimed at providing fast, efficient and effective audio synthesis without using autoregression. It is a stream-based generative network for text-to-speech which is powered by Nvidia. The project is unique in every way.

Neural enhancement

How about creating detailed images from tiny pixelated source images? Well, that’s Neural Enhance for you. Not only can you train a neural network to zoom images at 2x but also for 4x.

tulip translator

This is probably one of the most unique, interesting and amazing deep learning projects you will ever come across. This project literally lets you have a simulated conversation with your favorite flower or plant. How cool is that? This deep learning project created by Google Cloud Platform lets you discover what your plants and flowers would tell you if they could talk.


The name gives an idea of ​​what the project could be. Well, it is used to mimic humanoid figures to reproduce dynamic physical gestures learned from motion capture data of a human subject. Obviously, this open source deep learning project is widely used in the animation industry.


FastText is another innovative step taken by Facebook. This deep learning project allows users to efficiently learn word representation and text classification. Simply put, FastText is a great source of knowledge for anyone wanting to learn NLP.

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