SP2S launches “Quit Smoking Campaign” to raise awareness in Indonesia

The three innovative founders are committed to raising awareness about smoking through a healthy movement.

Malaysia, September 29, 2022, The SP2S brand is part of the smoking awareness movement in Indonesia. Founded by three great founders, Alvin Yeo, Nicholas Wong and Alex Lew, they decided to join this healthy movement to eliminate more people who quit smoking in the country.

The story begins with a journey of notable difficulties along the way, such as limited movement, shipping delays, and online marketing limitations. But the difficulties leave great consequences when all their partners are consistently supplied with them in a short period of time.

According to research, tobacco consumption in Indonesia is strictly high with 57 million people involved in this unhealthy movement. In more detail, 63% of men and 5% of women were calculated as smokers, which is 34% of the population of the whole country. This huge figure is the motivation of these founders to spark more awareness movement in the country.

The founders said, “Our goal is to advocate for a healthier lifestyle by quitting smoking with the alternative methods we provide. Apart from that, our goal is to provide knowledge to smokers to turn away from tobacco addiction. Thanks to this, we can reduce the dependency ratio not only in Indonesia, but also in the Southeast Asian region.

Apart from this, they are also committed to improving smoking cessation methods with innovative products. This is one of the ways to stop and push the movement to the next level. The founders said positively that the only motivation that drives them further is the goal of making the world a better place again. The world will be better without tobacco and towards a greener environment in the future.

They aim to expand their business internationally as their domestic market has stabilized. In the alignment of tobacco use awareness in Indonesia, they are able to increase the movement and believe that it will bring more benefits to smokers. Through massive market research in Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam, the founders are committed to increasing efforts and awareness to stop tobacco use around the world.

The efforts made by them joined the sensitization organized by the community of weaned smokers itself. The event was to build a broad network of the same movement as the brand’s goal. It is the key planning for the expansion of markets in the United States and the United Arab Emirates, to name a few.

Despite all the obstacles, the founders managed to overcome them and create great milestones over the years. One of their greatest achievements has been obtaining quality certification from ROHS and CE. It is one of their innovative products that reduces tobacco use for citizens.

Some of the best awards they had in the collections include Corporate Legal Advice for Business Partners, Recognized Online Platform Certification, Honorable Exhibitor Certificates, and Top 10 Flavor Awards in Indonesia.

For more information, visit https://sp2smalaysia.com/

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