Play & Park Structures celebrates World Autism Awareness Month with product release of their signature ride, The Temple Trolley

The long-standing partnership between Play & Park Structures and world-renowned scientist, inventor, author and autism advocate, Dr. Temple Grandin, is instrumental in the creation of the new Temple Trolley ride. Diagnosed with autism as a child, Dr. Grandin provided invaluable insight into how children with autism can be influenced by the structures we build. Her childhood experiences were the inspiration for the Temple Trolley.

“It’s like a piece of equipment that a teacher built me ​​when I was a kid,” Grandin said. “I enjoyed flying through the air, spinning and riding it over and over again.”

The CDC estimates that one in 44 children is identified as having autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Although ASD is known to be diagnosed more often in boys, the disorder does not discriminate against racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Through our collaboration with Dr. Grandin and other researchers and experts, Play & Park Structures will continue to provide exceptional outdoor experiences for children of all abilities.

“So many communities ask us how they can incorporate equipment for children with autism into their playground designs,” said Lindsay Hill Sr. VP and Group Manager, Play & Park Structures. “Having Dr. Temple Grandin as a partner has allowed us to develop and validate specific playground equipment events that will serve autistic people of all ages.”

With its free-spinning ability, the Temple Trolley offers new playground functionality with an ideal multi-sensory experience. Spinning is a sensory-rich movement that can provide a calming sensation for children and adults with autism. By combining rotation with gliding and swinging motions, the Temple Trolley delivers the perfect trifecta of fun! Experience the signature Play & Park Structure ride today.

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