Centcex will become a development partner for Bitgert

by Analytics Insight

May 3, 2022

By partnering with the Centcex project, Bitgert predicted faster delivery of the V2 roadmap

Recent news from Bigert (BREEZE) project is a partnership with the Centcex project. The goal, according to the founder of Bitgert, is to strengthen the development between these two projects. This is why the partnership is anchored solely on development.

This is yet another big step that the Bitgert-Team did that might improve his performance. Bitgert has just been listed on KuCoin, one of the largest crypto exchanges. The listing sent the price of Bitgert soaring, where the coin saw +30% growth in the first 24 hours of trading before falling back.

the Bitgert BRC20 blockchain has been integrated into Chainlist via the BreezePad, one of the Bitgert Startup Studio projects. The Bitgert project is also in the process of starting to deliver the V2 roadmapwhich was updated a few days ago.

Short, Bitter quickly provides the largest blockchain ecosystem in the market. As Bitgert’s white paper indicates, the project is developing one of the largest ecosystems comprising NFT, DeFi and Web3 products. the Bitgert BRC20 blockchain is the most significant development so far. The BRC20 chain without gas costs and the fastest chain are the reasons Bitter is experiencing massive adoption.

By joining the Centcex project, Bitter has planned for faster delivery of the V2 roadmap, which features the most exciting products including Bitgert NFT Marketplace, Web3 Oracle, Bitgert Centralized Exchange, and more. It is therefore a partnership that will allow both projects to streamline their development.

The partnership will see Bitter and Centcex prices do best in the industry. Bitter could be the biggest winner due to the sheer size of the developments the team is working on this year.


centcex is also a crypto project developing one of the largest blockchain ecosystems by creating an unlimited number of products. Massive utility is what sets the Centcex project apart. This makes Centcex very similar to Bitter. In fact, there are many similarities between Bitgert and Centcex, especially the fast roadmap delivery.

just like Bitter, Centcex provides the roadmap, which will ensure the smooth running of the partnership. The enormous usefulness centcex Construction is expected to increase project adoption, which in turn will drive price growth skyrocketing.

The main thing is that the Bitter and the Centcex development partnership is good for both projects. The partnership will allow Centcex and Bitgert to do better and become more competitive in the market.

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