According to a 2017 report by the FDIC 6.5% of Americans–or 8.4 million people are “unbanked.” That means they have no bank relationship whatsoever. An additional 18.7% are considered “underbanked,” which means they have only limited bank relationships, and rely on prepaid debit cards, check cashing services, and even paydayRead More →

Poor credit affects people from all walks of life. A low credit score may result from expensive medical treatments, career setbacks, or improper financial management. Whatever your case, if you have poor credit, the good news is you have several loan options available. Below, we look at the best personalRead More →

Most, if not all, loans require credit checks. It’s a routine procedure to ensure your ability to pay back the loan. However, no credit check loans are one of the few exceptions. No credit check loans (aka installment loans) are perfect for someone with a low credit score and they’reRead More →

Final Verdict Contrary to what many people think, there are loans available to individuals with bad credit. For this reason, it’s important to compare all options rather than turn to a predatory payday lender when unexpected expenses arise. In many cases, a more affordable solution may be available, even ifRead More →

Having bad credit can be stressful, especially when unexpected expenses come up and you need to take out a new loan. A less than excellent credit score can mean higher interest rates, fewer loan options, and the need for a co-signer. Our recommendations for the 5 best loans for badRead More →