Brighton manager Graham Potter sleeps on the streets to raise awareness about homelessness


‘The Big Sleep Out’ Aims To Support The Homeless Community

Graham Potter joined ‘The Big Sleep Out’ in Brighton city center on Friday evening to raise awareness and raise essential funds for homeless people in Brighton & Hove.

The Seagulls boss, his assistant Billy Reid and first team coach Bruno, joined a number of other people from St Peter’s Church for an event hosted by local charity Off the Fence.

Off the Fence launches the “Project Anti-Freeze” each winter, which aims to support the homeless community.

Money raised from the event goes towards some of the association’s work such as its Anti-Freeze Project, which offers a range of treatments including food, sleeping bags, clothing, showers and health services. laundry in her day center and emotional support for the homeless.

Speaking on the event, Potter said, “We had an easy version of sleeping on the streets, but it still gave us insight into the challenges the homeless community faces every day and night.

“Having only experienced one evening on the street, I can’t imagine what it would be like to suffer in this way without any idea what the future holds or where the next meal might come from.

“There is a ridiculous stigma attached to it. They are some of the most vulnerable members of our society, and they need our help and support. Many are suffering from illness, ill health and it is heartbroken in 2021 that we still see people living on our streets.

“There are incredible charities across the UK, and here at Brighton & Hove, doing an incredible job. It’s getting harder and harder for these organizations, and as we go into the depths of the winter when the nights get colder, with temperatures below zero, I urge those of you who can, support them this winter. “

The Big Sleep Out – which is an annual fundraising challenge that allows people to experience what life is like in the homeless community in Brighton & Hove – raises funds that allow people to help them.

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